Apple announced that CarPlay is going wireless during the keynote presentation at Worldwide Developers Conference. Currently, CarPlay users have to plug their devices into a USB port to gain in-dash control of their smartphones.

CarPlay will now support high-DPI screens at multiple display sizes, meaning manufacturers are free to design around CarPlay any way they see fit.

Apple announced at WWDC that CarPlay will now be able to wirelessly connect to your iPhone. Apple also said that the automakers will now be able to create apps for the CarPlay.

CarPlay features Siri voice control and is specially designed for driving scenarios. It also works with your car’s controls — knobs, buttons, or touchscreen.

CarPlay can also predict where you most likely want to go using addresses from your email, text messages, contacts, and calendars. It will also support additional audio apps that you’ve downloaded to your iPhone for enjoying podcasts, music, and radio.