Last week, locals had spotted the bomb in Tamaloo village of Car Nicobar island and the matter was reported to the defence tri-service Andaman Nicobar Command.

"Although it was a very old bomb but the fuses were still intact and it posed a risk to the local population. So a team of our Marine Commandos (MARCOS) were sent to dispose it off in a safe place,"told Command's PRO R P Deshpande at Port Blair.

MARCOS is a special operations unit of the Indian Navy which are trained to conduct highly specialised operations. They took the bomb to a beach, far away from the civilian population, where it was detonated using plastic explosives in a pit yesterday, the official said.

In 1942 during WWII, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands were captured by the Japanese Forces but in 1945 these islands were again re-captured by British forces.