Microsoft is all set to launch Xbox One in India on September 23. Interestingly, it would be available at a price of Rs 39,990, which will include the Xbox One console, Xbox One wireless controller and a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold for new members.
Prior to Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony PS4 was launched in India for a similar price. Interestingly, the games from Xbox 360 won’t work on the new Xbox One and the console won’t need a constant Internet connection.
Below are the features, which Xbox One is offering to its users:
Tech specs:

Xbox one includes a 8GB DDR3 RAM, a Blu-ray drive and a 500GB onboard hard drive, HDMI in and out. Microsoft will also allow users to add an external drive in and upcoming update. It comes with an 8-core CPU and GPU SoC (system on a chip) and the SoC has been crafted by AMD. The console supports 802.11n Wi-Fi as well as USB 3.0 connectivity. The other important feature of the Xbox One is x86 architecture, which is shared by the PS4 and could lead to a proliferation of console-purposed apps thanks to the wide development community.

As part of the latest addition of Microsoft it has upgraded the Kinect sensor and it now comes with better camera and voice control, body movement detection etc. Kinect is bundled with console now. The camera resolution is full HD at 1080p and capable of capturing wide angle shots. Video capturing at 60 frames per second is also available.

The other important feature of sensor is that it can read heartbeat as users exercise and inform if the users is smiling or not.
Voice control on Kinect means users can now just talk to it to carry out tasks on the Xbox One such as setting up profiles and even turning the console on. There is also gesture recognition for controlling the system with hands.
New Xbox controller

One more feature of new Xbox One controller includes Impulse Triggers, which essentially means that Microsoft stuffed vibration motors in the triggers so that players can feel force feedback when playing games. The D-pad of the controller has also been redesigned and instead of the clunky and criticized design of the 360′s controller, Microsoft has opted for a better one that will potentially feel better when playing fighting games.

The controller also include a wireless range of up to 30 feet, seamless profile and controller pairing by using Kinect and expansion port for add-ons like the chat headset. It doesn’t have a touchpad like the PS4 controller but Microsoft recently announced that gamers can use the controller for PC games as well. The drivers for the same are available here.
Xbox Live:

Xbox Live also include a TV guide which users can navigate using voice commands. The TV guide contains a trending section that displays the most popular shows among your friends and the entire Xbox community. The Instant Switch feature will change the switch from gaming to TV using voice.
The console also has deeper Smartglass support, which will let you use your smartphone or tablet on the gaming console to perform secondary functions such as changing channels, etc.

There’s also a dedicated game Digital Video recorder to capture and share your winning moments with friends during a game.
Snap Mode and other apps

This feature will help you run two apps simultaneously. Skype has also been introduced to Xbox universe and users can make Skype calls while running another activity on the Xbox. The Xbox One also has a distinct Windows 8 user interface, along with the Xbox OS and you can switch between the two.