Recently, the firm Xiaomi came under pressure last week when the Indian Air Force has advised its rank and file and family members of the staff not to buy the Redmi 1S phones due to security concerns.

Its worth mentioning that the previous Redmi 1S flash sale saw 1,00,000 phones go on sale for the first time and the company later announced the smartphones had gone 'out of stock' in 4.2 seconds.

While the fifth flash sale saw 60,000 Redmi 1S smartphones going out of stock in 13.9 seconds. The fourth flash sale saw 60,000 Redmi 1S units going out of stock in 5.2 seconds. 40,000 smartphones went out of stock in just 3.4 seconds in the third flash sale, a good second faster than the second flash sale, which saw 40,000 smartphones go 'out of stock' in 4.5 seconds, meanwhile the first flash sale saw 40,000 units going 'out of stock' in just 4.2 seconds.

However, Xiaomi's Vice President of International Operations, Hugo Barra was quoted saying that the new Redmi Note is likely to launch in India within the next two months. He said, "A final date is not decided yet. Hopefully we will have devices ready to sell in the next two months."