The Mi Water Purifier costs USD 209 in China and turns tap water into drinking water. The device is a part of Xiaomi's Mi Home network. The customers can check on its settings and recent activity and get alerts when replacement filters are required.

“‪#‎MiWaterPurifier‬ This is a product we'd LOVE to bring to India soon — Mi Water Purifier. Just announced today, it makes tap water drinkable with Reverse Osmosis (RO), is super compact, shows real-time water quality, and reminds you on your smartphone when it's time to replace the filter,” Xiaomi vice president Hugo Barra said in a Facebook post.

According to the company, the product manages high water flow with patented 3D integrated waterway and its super efficient 1:1 production rate wastes less water. It is as good as bottled water and looks compact but churns 400 gallons in 1 day, 8x faster than average.

The Mi Water Purifier uses 4 filters - PP Cotton filter, 2 x activated coconut carbon filter and a RO membrane. It uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) to purify. With a TDS value <100, it turns tap water to drinking water.