New Yahoo Messenger apps were released in English for smartphones or tablets powered by Apple or Android software, as were versions of the service tailored for use on the Web or on desktop computers.

"Yahoo decided it was time to build a ground-up rewrite of the platform that was completely modern and prepares Yahoo to ship really disruptive innovative features," Yahoo Messenger senior director of product management, Austin Shoemaker, said while giving a look at the platform.

The new messaging service integrates features from Yahoo-owned Flickr, Tumblr, and Xobni. Yahoo Messenger lets people quickly share large batches of high-resolution images, and taps into the library at blogging platform Tumblr to let people add animated GIFs to conversations as easily as inserting emojis.

The ability to 'unsend' comments or images was also added to Yahoo Messenger. Posts that are 'unsent' vanish from conversation threads at the service. New Yahoo Messenger also lets people 'mute' conversations to be spared from being bothered by notifications when they would rather focus their attention elsewhere.