The newly launched MT-07 has 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine which has been developed using Yamaha's 'crossplane philosophy'. It makes a claimed 74.8hp and 50.1lbft of torque, and weighs 179kg.

It's got twin front 282mm brake discs and a 245mm rear. The bike runs with a light and slim steel backbone-type frame that utilizes the new engine as a stressed member. Combined with its compact wheelbase and plush suspension systems, this strong and light chassis gives a responsive and engaging ride.

The Yamaha MT-07 comes with a muscular look a sporty tail, a sculpted fuel tank and seventeen inch wheels. The seat height is 805mm and the fuel tank 14 litres. Yamaha MT-07 is available in five different colours which are Racing Red, Deep Armor, Race Blue, Matt Grey and Competition White.

However, the company has yet to announce the price of MT-07.