"The launch of the Ray Precious Edition is a clear illustration of how the market has responded to our range of scooters," Yamaha Motor India Sales vice president-Sales and Marketing Roy Kurian said in a statement.

He added that that the idea behind the launch is to provide customers 'Ray' scooter in a new design. "These scooters have been instrumental in catapulting our sales to an all new level. We have kept the essence of the Yamaha Ray intact while altering the aesthetics to exemplify the glamour quotient of these compact and easy to ride vehicles," Kurian said.

He added that the company is confident that the new variant too with its vibrant black and pink design will highly appeal to the company's target audiences and help it tap on the festive spirits of the market.

Yamaha had entered the scooter segment in India in September 2012 with Ray which targeted the young Indian women.