Ghaziabad: With the arrival of monsoons and rising level of River Yamuna, panic has surmounted in the nearby flood-prone villages.

Realising the threat, Irrigation Department Drainage section’s Executive Engineer has alerted flood control management to take stock of the situation and renovate the embankments wherever required.

On the right side of Yamuna, where Delhi and Haryana lie, a pile of stones have been collected, to prevent any overflow.

The villagers also complained to the Irrigation Department by claiming that the flood protection works are not up to the mark.

Drainage section of the flood protection authorities have also surveyed and inspected the nearby areas including Alipur.

The Irrigation Department informed that due to the rising level of Yamuna panic has groped the nearby villages including Alipur, Pachera, Sammukh, Pallav, Bakhtavarpur, Diggipur.

Executive Engineer Premchand informed, “Following the security measures we have asked the officials to complete the flood control repairs on all the embankments as per the Yamuna Standing Committee and Central Water Commission standards”.