"It is true that India is being ruled by surrogacy. There are traditions of the Constitution that have to be maintained," Sinha told reporters on the sidelines of Jaipur Literature Festival.
"Why is this that all our prime ministers were Lok Sabha members first and then continued to be the Prime Minister. When Indira Gandhi became PM, she was a Rajya Sabha member and later became a Lok Sabha member," he said.
“Manmohan Singh, unfortunately, is the only Prime Minister who in his long tenure of 10 years has not contested a single election. All of us go back to our constituencies for contesting election,” he added.
When asked whether ‘surrogacy’ is a harsh term to be used in this context, Sinha said, "I have used it deliberately, I don't think it’s harsh."
Sinha, who was here to participate in a session titled 'Conquering the chaos: Empowering the future', told reporters he is confident that 80 percent of votes will be polled in BJP's favour in the upcoming elections.
"We are sure of 80 percent support and we are trying our best to get the support of remaining 20 percent," he said.

When asked about the differences between BJP and minorities, Sinha said a ‘misunderstanding’ exists and the minorities have been ‘misled’.
"They have been misled by secular parties. Appeasement is not secularism, and when they will understand this everything will become clear," he said.
On being asked whether the misunderstanding is with the party or Narendra Modi, Sinha said, “It is with the party.”


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