Making a suo motu statement in the Lok Sabha, the Minister said: "It was a joint effort of several Indian ministries and agencies, supervised and coordinated by the Ministry of External Affairs."

The Minister, who was almost inaudible amid slogan shouting by the opposition who were protesting against the land ordinance said: "We successfully evacuated Indians from Yemen under very difficult circumstances."

"As the Indian embassy was among the handful of foreign missions operational in Sana'a after the air strikes began, we received formal requests from 33 countries for assistance in evacuation of their nationals.”

"We responded positively to these requests to the extent possible based on ground realities and helped nationals of 48 countries in evacuation."

The Minister said India assisted nationals of Australia, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Canada, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Germany and Hungary, among other countries. "This received worldwide appreciation."

She said the government also ensured that Indian nationals not in possession of travel documents were provided emergency certificates by the embassy in Sana'a.

"We left no stone unturned to assist all those Indians in Yemen desirous of returning home in a timely and safe evacuation."

"Till 18 April, a total of 6,688 persons including 4,741 Indians and 1,947 foreign nationals have been evacuated by air and sea routes in this operation," she said.

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