Sanaa: Yemen's main opposition warned that a Gulf-led transition plan could end unless the president agreed to it within 48 hours.

The Common Forum, an alliance of parliamentary opposition groups, repeated its support for the plan to end three months of political unrest but insisted President Ali Abdullah Saleh should also commit himself.

"We renew our commitment to the Gulf plan but the other party (the president) must also demonstrate its seriousness within the next two days," the Common Forum said.

The statement came as security forces opened fire to break up demonstrations by teachers at Taez, 200 kilometres (125 miles) south of the capital Sanaa and killed two and wounded at least four more, a local official and medics said.

Another man was killed and two more wounded when troops fired at people protesting against fuel shortages in the Red Sea province of Hudaydah, local officials said.

The Common Forum accused the Sanaa government of political manoeuvres to delay committing to the Gulf Cooperation Council-initiated plan and asked GCC member states to put a halt to official delegations sent by Saleh's regime.