Jaipur (Agencies): Expelled SP leader Amar Singh on Sunday said he accepts that he had acted like a "supplier" for his former party and claimed that he had played a key role in "managing" elected BSP MLAs for forming a government led by Mulayam Singh Yadav.

He also said he favours carving out a separate state from eastern Uttar Pradesh as the region has long been neglected.

"It was alleged that I acted like a supplier or mediator for Samajwadi Party, and I accept it that yes, I played a key role in managing elected BSP MLAs for forming the Mulayam Singh government," Singh told reporters here.

He was apparently referring to 13 BSP MLAs leaving the parent party and joining another breakaway faction in August 2003 in UP to shift their support to Samajwadi Party. However, the MLAs were later disqualified in a Supreme Court ruling.

"They were elected on symbol of elephant but had a ride on cycle due to me but later I realised that I should repent so I decided for the march of my region," he said referring to
his 1000-km long 'padyatra' to focus on eastern UP.

Singh said he has covered 700 km of his yatra and has taken a break due to infection in a leg, and would undertake the remaining march from February 11 to make people aware of
the need for a separate state.

"The situation of eastern region of UP is not good. Despite having 147 MLAs and 28 MPs, there is no leadership and people are living miserably. The budget is spent either in
Noida or Etawah which have become Switzerland and Paris due to Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav and eastern parts have been neglected so it is necessary to have a separate state.

"I will resume my padyatra from February 11 and after completion of this march, I will decide that what will be the direction of my politics," he said.

Talking about politics in general, he said political helplessness is an universal phenomenon.

"Political compulsion is not only linked with UPA or NDA; it is an universal phenomenon, from one party to another. Whether it is case of corruption in Karnataka or by (former)
Telecom Minister," Amar Singh said.

"When (Karnataka CM) Yeddyurappa is summoned to Delhi, the BJP high command remains helpless and mutely watches and he retains his portfolio because of compulsion politics, while keen and honest Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also becomes helpless," he said.

He said that regional leadership is weak in the country and is required to be strengthened.

"Regional leadership is absolutely weak whether it is BJP or Congress and with absence of stalwarts like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Chandrasekhar in Parliament and with sad demise of Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, there is no face, no voice and no weight. I think this is the biggest  paradox of democracy."

Earlier in the day, Singh attended the All India Kshatriya Federation's 4th conclave at Rajput Sabha Bhawan where one speaker alleged that supporters of Mulayam murdered a Rajput family but Singh remained silent. However, Singh rejected his allegation.