These buildings are not only attractive but well-equipped with modern expert facilities as well. Most of them are corporate offices. Also, these buildings are symbolic of development and growth.   

Here, we bring some impressive buildings which will leave you awestruck:

1. Signature Towers: The Signature Tower standing in Gurgaon, Haryana is one of the best office buildings in India. Equipped with all modern machinery and safety measures, Signature Tower is situated on the National Highway 8.

2. Bata HQ: One of top office buildings in India, Bata India’s head office at Sector 17, Gurgaon, Haryana was recently placed 8th on a list of the top 10 most impressive company buildings in India by a survey.

3. EDRC: EDRC, Chennai is the second building in India to get a rating under LEED-EB category (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The EDRC building is ranked first in the list of top amazing green corporate offices in India by a report.

4. Patni Knowledge Park: Patni Knowledge Park is located at Airoli, Mumbai. Known for its unique design and superb architecture, the building is one of the city’s largest software parks.

5. ECC building: Located in Chennai, the ECC building is the Engineering Construction & Contracts Division of L&T, one of India's largest construction companies.

6. Infosys office: Situated in Pune, the Infosys campus has one of the most unique buildings in India. Designed like an Egg, the building is the Headquarter of Infosys.

Written by Raju Kumar/JPN

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