The kind of ambience preceded the Foreign Secretary level talks between India and Pakistan; there was hardly any possibility of a breakthrough at the end of the day. Finally the same thing happened for which Pakistan’s stubbornness is responsible. While mounting pressure on Pakistan to act against the accused of 2/11 Mumbai attack, India had on one hand said that it would be an affirmative step in fostering the bilateral ties between the two countries, Pakistan on the other had out rightly denied role of its any intelligence agency in the attack. While showing its impudence, it offered India to conduct a joint probe in the terror incident. It has made such offers even in past which make no sense as its attitude clearly reflects that its intent are not right. As a matter of formality, the foreign secretaries of both the countries attended a joint press conference and said that the talks were held in a constructive environment, but anybody can understand that the outcome of the dialogue was not positive. Futility of the dialogue can be proved by the declaration of Pakistan to continue to extend all kinds of support to the separatists of Kashmir. This has once again been proved that despite all efforts to improve their relationship, both the countries will be unable to move forward. This time no improvement could be made in terms of improving the relationship between the two countries because Abu Jundal, the terrorist who was guiding the group of other Pakistani terrorists who were directly involved in Mumbai attack, has been caught with a heap of documents showing the involvement of Pakistani government’s intelligence agencies.

In future, it is most likely that some more evidences proving the involvement of Pakistani agencies would surface in future. The main problem is that Pakistan seems to have developed a habit to reject undeniable evidences brusquely. Now it also seems that Pakistan government, nevertheless of its desire, would not be able to act against the elements functioning from their soil against India. Actually the real power of Pakistan lies in the hands of army and intelligence agencies but on the contrary India has to approach to the democratic dispensation for dialogue to resolve disputes between the two countries. In this situation, India needs to devise some ways to mount huge pressure on the issue. If India fails in doing this, it will be difficult for it to get out of the problem in which it is getting trapped again and again. India should now understand that Pakistan’s so called non-government actors in tandem with government agencies have been involved in hatching conspiracy against India. The information received from Abu Jindal corroborates these views. Besides of warning Pakistan, India needs to be wary as it is a fact that terrorists like Abu Jundal are working for Lashkar-e-Toiba. We cannot reject the apprehension that other terrorists like Abu Jundal would be conniving in association with Lashkar to launch other terror attacks against India.