"Today not only in India, but in the entire world Yoga  and Ayurveda are being practiced which are integral parts of  the country's culture," Rajnath said while addressing a mass  yoga session on the first International Yoga Day at K D Singh  Babu stadium.
"It connects the society and cannot be bound down to a  particular religion, caste or sect," he said.
"It is the biggest gift from India to the world. Either it was Buddhism, which spread in the entire world or its yoga which has been accepted by 191 countries in the world," he said.
Despite objections by several Muslim organisations,  including All India Muslim Personal Law Board, a large umber  of Muslims participated in the celebrations today, which witnessed participation of more than 15,000 people.
Though due to protests, Suryanamaskar was not a part of the session, 'Om' was still chanted in the begining and end.
The Uttar Pradesh government did not observe the day officially and had made it voluntary but a sizeable number of  government officers and employees were present at the stadium.

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