"My biggest problem is of injury. I get injured a lot. Right now I am fit but I have had a lot of injuries. Sometimes in the back, sometimes in the knee. So, my aim is to stay fit," Yogeshwar said.
"I don't have a world championship medal, I hope to fulfil that in 2014 and win a gold for the country," added Yogeshwar, who missed the 2013 World Championship in Hungary last month due to injury.
The 30-year-old wrestler suffered a ligament tear in his right knee in July and was forced out of the World Championships in Hungary.
With the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games to be held next year, the grappler said he could skip any one of the events depending on his fitness.
"In 2013, I couldn't play the World Championship. My entire year for almost 8-9 months was bad (as I couldn't play due to injury) and now I have recovered from the injury and started the practice," said Yogeshwar, who is currently training 5-6 hours a day at the Police Academy in Karnal.
"Next year there is Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championship, I hope to win medals in that. If I am fit then I will play in all of them or just two of them. I will miss either the Asian Games or the Commonwealth Games because fitness is important," he said," he said.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medallist said he carefully picks the tournaments that he participates in, as he is wary about getting injured.
"In 2009, I had a knee injury, in 2010 after the Commonwealth Games I had the back injury. After the 2009 knee injury, I play selective tournaments, because then you have to lose weight.
"If you lose weight then there is a problem because the muscles weaken and there is a higher chance of getting injured. That is why I play in good tournaments and tournaments where there is hope of winning. I am very cautious because fitness is very important for me," he said.


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