With the #YoRadheMaaSoRed trending on Twitter yesterday, the people on social networking site used their creative skills and ideas to bring out some hilarious and commendable tweets and pictures of Radhe Maa. Take a look at some of these:

With the Independence Day round the corner, what a deep logic. Wow!

LOL! Impressed by Radhe Maa, one of the Twitter user even gave her space inside the red traffic light signal!

LOL! The invention of all new Radhe Maa battery on Twitter.

Wait, not just India, it seems like even Mark Zuckerberg is impressed with our 'Radhe Maa'.

A Twitter user even found the hidden way to Radhe Maa's ashram!

Radhe Maa's obession for love has given rise to an all new family of red colour wow!

LAAL! Such is the magic of Radhe Maa that people are now using 'LAAL' insted of 'LOL'!

Crossing all boundaries, the self-styled woman has even given inferiority complex to little red riding hood!

Well, know the funny logic behind 'sindoor' and 'Red

bull' too:




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