London: A newly developed contraption, which looks like something the doctor ordered for a neck injury, could provide a solution to commuters who face the embarrassing problem of falling asleep on fellow passengers.

According to manufacturers, The UpRight Sleeper allows the user a "peaceful slumber while sitting up straight in a car, train or plane."

The sleeper is the latest addition in a line of the so called "snooze accessories." The 25-pound frame contraption, which looks remarkably similar to a neck brace, is adjustable so it can sit under the chin or go up around the forehead.

It moves around to accommodate different head shapes and sizes, and a back strap is fitted between the wearer's back and seat to keep everything in place.

The contraption promises to revolutionise the way people sleep while travelling and put an end to embarrassingly falling asleep on the shoulder of fellow passengers or having to use a table as a pillow on planes and trains.

"It's 100 percent adjustable for every face shape and size," a daily quoted a spokesperson for the firm as saying.

"You simply throw the strap over your head." "Tilt your head upward. Trap the strap, which is patented, between your back and the seat. Lean back, relax your head and go to sleep," the spokesperson added.
A video on the UpRight Sleeper site claims that the product has won awards in the US.


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