The new 'reactions' will let users express love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger. It works by hovering or long-pressing the Like button and selecting the relevant emoji that you want to put in your message.

The status will then count likes, loves or angers.

Facebook for the moment is testing 'Reactions' in Ireland and Spain and will release it worldwide shortly.

Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the new function in a Facebook post with a video, writing, 'Meet the new Reactions'.

The emotions are 'Haha', 'Yay', 'Wow', 'Sad', 'Angry', as well as 'Like' and 'Love'.

"Today we're launching a test of Reactions -- a more expressive Like button," he wrote on a Facebook post yesterday.

The Like button, he said, has been a part of Facebook for a long time. Billions of Likes are made every day, and Liking things is a simple way to express yourself.

"For many years though, people have asked us to add a 'dislike' button. Not every moment is a good moment, and sometimes you just want a way to express empathy. These are important moments where you need the power to share more than ever, and a Like might not be the best way to express yourself," he said.

But the 'dislike' button is not just ready.

'Reactions gives you new ways to express love, awe, humor and sadness. It's not a dislike button, but it does give you the power to easily express sorrow and empathy -- in addition to delight and warmth," he noted.

Zuckerberg said that users will be able to express these reactions by long pressing or hovering over the Like button.

"We're starting to test Reactions in Ireland and Spain and will learn from this before we bring the experience to everyone. We hope you like this – or can better express how you're feeling!," he added.