"The point is, as of now, let me tell you as a minister that I would like all the telecom operators to reinforce their system, to avoid call drops, to properly run their operations. Once we are willing to walk the extra mile, they also walk the extra mile," Prasad said.
Government put the highest amount of spectrum to auction in March, some of which remained unsold, he said, adding that 0therefore the argument given by operators that not enough spectrum is available with them does not hold substance.
"...this argument I don't appreciate, enough spectrum is available, what is important for them is to reinforce...call drop issue needs to be addressed by the operators, whether BSNL or private ones because consumers want no call drops. Now I would appreciate if telecom operators earnestly addressed this problem," he said.

The government is willing to walk the extra mile to address the concerns of the telecom sector but in turn, the industry should also improve its services and avoid problems like call drops, he said.