They neither shout slogans nor indulge in political rhetoric. Their thought process is not driven by political parties’ manifesto. In fact, they can be seen taking notes while talking to a health worker or running numbers on their laptops in parliamentarian’s back office or speaking on the phone with local development organization.

Team Swaniti comprises highly educated youth, who have obtained their degrees from IITs, IIMs, Harvard, Stanford and other premier institutions.

Swaniti director Vishal has an Engineering degree from India's premier institute NSIT. Vishal said, “It has been a fascinating and enriching journey for me so far.  Just like many other youngsters in India, I remained tuned in to whatever was happening in political corridor. Later, I realized that there was no point in staying on sidelines and voicing concerns over the inadequacies of Indian political system.”

Vishal is currently heading Swaniti's ambitious project called Jigyasa - The Swaniti Governance Lab. Vishal believes that Jigyasa is a platform which will shift the discourse in India from hypothetical stories to actual data.

“For the first time in India, we have built a platform that is focusing on the bottom line of development and analyzing government’s performance,” said Shantanu Agarwal, program head on Jigyasa’s infographics section.

“The space of supporting MPs in development work is completely untouched and there is tremendous potential in the kind of work we are carrying out,” said Rwitwika Bhattacharya, founder of Swaniti Initiative.


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