According to a significant study, recruiters view women with husky voices as less educated and competent, among other undesirable traits.

"The results show that 'croaky' voice is a hindrance to young women who are trying to find work," Casey Klofstad from University of Miami in Florida was quoted as saying.

Previous research has suggested that a low vocal range known as 'vocal fry' indicates education and power. Lack of experience due to their younger age, a historically poor economic environment and sex discrimination are all barriers to labour market success for this demographic.

"The findings suggest that young women would be best advised to avoid using vocal fry when trying to secure employment," Klofstad added.

To prove their point, the researchers recorded seven women between ages 19 and 27 and seven men aged 20 to 30 talking in their normal voice and then talking with a deliberately croaky voice.

They were asked to say the phrase, "Thank you for considering me for this opportunity". The findings revealed that people with croaky voices were only hired 20 percent of the time compared to the normal sounding voices.

Researchers discovered that women were more likely to be perceived negatively if they had croaky voices than men, said the study that appeared in the journal Plos One.


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