Bathinda: The Punjabi youth who migrated to Gulf countries in search of employment are facing tough time, as many companies which hired these youth promising them jobs have been closed forcing them to seek shelter in the labour camps.

The life in these labour camps is pathetic and they are even forced to live without food and other basic amenities for a long time. Many of these Punjabi migrants are illiterate and have no other means of survival.

According to an NRI SP Singh, Sarbat da Bhala’s(Institution for Punjabis in gulf countries) counsellers are trying to pacify them.

The organisation claimed that many such illiterate youth get trapped in local crimes and illegal activities.

Therefore, for the bailout of such youth, Sarbat da Bhala’s has formed a ‘Modikhana’ where they are served with free food for 15 days. And if the migrants fail to get any job in 15 days, they are sent back to India.      

The institution has also sought release of 61 youth who were recently awarded capital punishment in 11 criminal cases by the local courts here. After paying money, 27     Indians who were released were sent back home while rest are also likely to return in a day or two.