London: Forget the idiom, old is gold and just follow your heart. That seems to be the dating mantra for Gen-Next. So traditional dating rules like waiting three days to follow up after a date, have been termed outdated by the youth, says a survey. Online dating site eHarmony found that 73% of women and
71% of men branded the traditional advice as ridiculous. Instead an overwhelming 89% of men and 77% of women preferred going on a same-day date if they were available.

The research, conducted in honour of the London Olympics 2012, saw its US users polling about their dating etiquette. But, the hard-to-get game plan is not completely outmoded yet.

In fact, it is not just women who are at it, even 41% of men admit to playing it cool. Besides this, half of both sexes admitted to searching a potential date’s name on Google or Facebook before meeting them.

Surprisingly, contrary to popular belief, 44% of women admitted to liking the cheesy pick-up line approach. Moreover, 75% of respondents admitted that they would prefer a phone call instead of a text. Jeannie Assimos, managing editor of the e Harmony advice blog claimed that for a more digitally aware generation these age-old darting rules don’t apply anymore.

“We are in an age where everyone is online, connected to their phones and used to getting an immediate response so some of the previous dating rules just no longer apply,” she said.

“However these stats show us that even though men and women no longer want to wait to hear from their dates, it doesn’t mean that people are more impatient,” she says, adding that over 75% of single men and women still want to talk on the phone rather than send a quick text. “We think that’s a good thing,” she said.


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