Brown/black eyes indicate you are a born leader

Brown eyes are the most common, and people brown eyes tend to demonstrate strong leadership qualities once they find their inner strength. People with brown eyes are also seen as more agreeable.

People with blue eyes have good inner and physical strength

People may judge you before they know you. However, people with blue eyes possess wonderful strength. It was found that women with blue eyes can bear labour pain easily.

People with green eyes are alluring and mysterious

People with green eyes are incredibly appealing to others. Green-eyed people are creative and they perform well under pressure. They can be unpredictable but not quick to anger.

Gray-eyed folks are very well-balanced

People with grey eyes and the lightest shade of blue eyes are extremely rare. They are incredibly well-balanced and reasonable persons.

People with hazel eyes are fiercely independent

If you have hazel eyes, you're confident, independent and spontaneous. Your personality can sometimes be hard to predict and you tend to surprise people.


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