Gurgaon: How you handle the decoration of your living room can influence many critical aspects of your life, from friendship and family relationship to success and prosperity. The placement of your furniture is very important.

Seating arrangements should create a sense of security, community and comfort for both your guests and your family.

Suggestions for ideal living room:

-A nice square or rectangular living room is best, as there is nowhere for Chi to collect and stagnate. If your living room is not rectangular but an odd shape, put a plant in the odd shaped end in order to liven it up and to prevent stale Chi from gathering.

-The living room should not be on a higher level than the dining room or kitchen. This is because it is the room used for entertaining visitors. If the living room is higher, the Chi from the house will flow to the visitors rather than the people who live in the house.

-Best arrangement for living room furniture is one in which there are no sharp protuberance. Try to avoid L-shaped arrangements of chairs and sofa, as well as L-rooms and L-shaped house, these shapes are incomplete and leaves a missing corner. The furniture may be arranged in circular, square or octagonal, specially keeping in mind that the back of chairs and the sofa is not facing the front door.

- Place tall cabinets against a wall, if they are fitted with mirror, check to see what these mirrors are reflecting. The big taboos are if the mirror reflect toilets, the main door, or the staircase. If they reflect food or a pleasant garden, caught through a picture window, the effect is harmless.

- Do not hang your wall clock, timepieces and calendar in the south, southeast and southwest direnction, also keep in mind that they are not placed above the door.

Courtesy: CityPlus