Melbourne: The way you sleep every night could reveal much about you and your relationship, according to scientists. Just like our waking posture and position can influence our emotions, our sleeping position is thought to influence our emotions or represent our personality, said Dr Mark Kohler from the University of South Australia's Centre for Sleep Research.

Most people sleep on their side or in the foetal position, according to the British Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service. And Kohler believes people who sleep on their sides are likely to be balanced or well adjusted, media reported.

"People who sleep in the foetal position , as well as those who go to sleep face down [prone], are more likely to be anxious. Those who sleep on their back [the 'royal' position] have higher self-confidence," the website quoted him as saying.

Additionally, people who go to sleep on their stomachs [face down] were found to be more anxious and less self-confident, Kohler said. By observing a couple and their sleeping pattern, body language gurus Allan and Barbara Pease can also reveal a lot about the current state of their relationship. Sleeping in each other's arms: According to Allan, very few couples continue sleeping like this beyond nine months together.

He said though the position restricts blood flow to arms, psychologically, it's a sign they're still new to each other. This is a honeymoon position, he added. Sleeping spooning and cuddling: Here both partners lie on the same side facing the same direction, one behind the other, like a set of spoons. When men are the ones who do the wrapping, they tend to show they are in control, while women do it to show their nurturing nature, Barbara said.

Sleeping with your bottoms touching: When you are sleeping separately and letting your bottoms touch, it shows you probably give each other space in your relationship, without fear that you will lose one another, said Barbara.

Since bottom is an intimate part of the body to touch one another with, it really does suggest that you are very close, Barbara said. Distant sleepers: Sleeping apart may not necessarily mean your relationship has come to an end - as long as you snuggled up first or had a warm kiss good night, before moving into your own space, said Allan.

Looped legs: When you link your leg with your partner's. This mere brushing of the legs says, 'I love you', Allan said. Couples who sleep with their legs looped are demonstrating their togetherness, but they are also showing their sense of independence and respect for each other's individuality, according to Allan.


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