Researchers wanted to learn about the kinds of situations people experience across time, and how gender and population density might affect situation experiences. Findings from the study showed large gender differences and significant differences between weekdays and weekends.

However, they also showed that people in urban and rural areas experience situations that are, for the most part, psychologically similar. The researchers found that people experienced on average more positivity on the weekend and more negativity during the work week.

People also experienced higher levels of duty during the '9 to 5' workday and more sociality in the evenings. In terms of gender differences, females experienced higher levels of mating and more emotional situations, both positive and negative, than males.

In the study, they gathered 5,000 tweets and rated each of these tweets on eight core dimensions of situations, dimensions which they helped uncover in previous research.

"We applied our scoring algorithms to more than 20 million tweets gathered from Twitter," said Ryne Sherman, study co-author and professor of psychology in FAU's College of Science, adding,

The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE.