New Delhi: A 24-year-old youth was arrested for allegedly murdering his friend after he started sending "defamatory" SMSes regarding her character, police said on Monday.

Sumit was arrested on Sunday after police alleged that he along with his associate Devvart had killing his friend Rohit in a car on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday.

Sumit and Rohit were friends and Rohit had started teasing Sumit saying that his wife was having illicit relationship with his brother–in–law Manish.

Sumit had gone to attend a party on Friday and returned to have drinks with his friend Devvart when he received an "obscene" SMS regarding his wife from Rohit.

"After receiving the SMS, he became upset and told Devvart that he wants to kill Rohit because Rohit was defaming his wife. They both went to the village and parked his Swift Car
near Rohit's house," a senior police official said.

Later, Sumit and Rohit came to the car in which Devvart was already sitting in the driver's seat.

"After sitting in the car, Sumit fired from a point blank range from his pistol at back side of Rohit's head. Then Devvart came out of the car and attacked Rohit's face with the same pistol," the official said.

Then, the duo dumped the body in an open area near their house and left the place.