Bihar/Motihari (JPN/Bureau): In a Naxal-dominated area, one Gopal Prasad Jaiswal through his unique initiative has not only carved a niche for himself but also ignited a ray of hope for many unemployed youths of East Champaran.  He runs a school where he teaches this skill to youths.

Gopal Prasad Jaiswal, who resides in Madhuban district, makes Thrasher and other machines for farming and has taken this up as a profession. His ‘Hadamba Dashmesh Gold’ has become a role model for farmers.

Gopal also tries to motivate those unemployed youths who are forced to join Naxalites due to poverty urging them to choose the right path. He helps such youths to become self-dependent and prevents them from turning to Naxals.

He received inspiration from his father Prabhu Dayal who was a technician in NDMT company in West Bengal. Prabhu Dayal had received a lot of experience from foreign engineers. He has received felicitation from the Agriculture department of Sonpur for his work and his Thrasher machine was showcased during an exhibition in Pusa Agriculture University.

Gopal Prasad’s father introduced Thrasher machine in this region for the first time. He brought this machine from Punjab after which the demand for it grew as it was greatly helpful in farming. But, they started facing problems when the machine broke down. Many a times, they got the machine repaired but this was not possible every time.

Once, when the same problem arose, Gopal’s father being a technician started repairing the machine himself. This was when Gopal got the idea of creating a Thrasher machine all by himself. So, with the help of a bank loan, the father-son were able to make their own ‘Deshmesh Gold Hadamba’. They also gave employment to many other youths in the meanwhile. AT present, they have 25-30 people working for them.

With the help of these youths, they have started making rotabeter, reaper machine, jero teel, pressure teller. They have not only shown a new path to the youths but also created a new machine ‘Paddle Haro’ for facilitating paddy cultivation.