This design is put into application by Google these days on its several web and mobile apps. It is being said that the aim of the redesign is to emphasize playlists by putting them on front and on center in the left sidebar.

Besides, the company also center-aligned the site to make it look better on any screen and give it a feeling similar to the mobile apps.
This move will allow it to easily bring the card look, which is clearly the main organizational symbol for any Google product these days.

As part of this change in design phase, YouTube has also added new icons to the sidebar and introduced a new persistent menu button next to the YouTube logo in the top-left corner of the screen, which will bring up the guide along with playlists, subscriptions and everything else which is usually in the sidebar.

Simply speaking, the site dons a new and fresh look and appears brighter now. Due to changes brought in the typography, it looks much more readable.

Giving special emphasis on playlists, Google now shows all playlists created by the users. Apart from this, it has also worked on those channels that the user had liked in the past.

Besides, it also highlights playlists on YouTube channels along with a new tab for playlist.

And for users who do not wish to create playlists, YouTube is also making it easier to do that. After creating a playlist now, YouTube will pop up a new page that will allow the user to organize videos of his preference.

The new design, which is all set to hit the web on Friday, may take some days before every user can view it.