The views that YouTube suspects as coming from bots will be added later if they are cleared. Earlier, YouTube froze the counter at the 301+ count and it was used as a placeholder for popular new videos while YouTube verify which views were authentic and which were not.

Google-owned YouTube is seeing accelerating growth despite competition from Facebook and others in video, YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki had said.

Wojcicki had said she is pleased with the growth in people watching videos on the service, and that YouTube still stands apart even though Facebook claims to have more video views.

Asked about her three top priorities, she had said they were "mobile, mobile and mobile," and said the company was working to make the experience better for people watching on smartphones and tablets.

Wojcicki had also said YouTube will make a public launch of its subscription music service later this year after beta testing.

She had said this will have some advantages over rival services from Apple, Spotify and others because  of the large YouTube catalog and the video.