This will also turn your parents frown into a smile when they will see you fetching millions from these platforms. There are an array of opportunities to earn through youtube. So, many people have already got included their names in the list of rich people around the world by simply entertaining people and icing on a cake is you can gain stardom without stepping out home.

So if you can wield the magic of making videos that go viral and fetch subscribers then it is an easy way to be a self-made millionaire in a short span of time as compared to thousands of people who are grilling themselves working 8 hours in the office.

Here's a list of youtubers who have strong subscribers' base and earn millions in a year.

Pew Die Pie
vblogs: playing video games
Earning :     USD 12 million

Lindsey Stirling
Vblogs: plays Violin and Dance
Earning      USD 6 million

Lilly Singh
vblogs: sings songs and  quirky Comedy
Earning:    USD 2.5 million

Michelle Phan
vblogs: make up, style guides
Earning:     USD 3 million

Rheet and Link
vblogs: comedy show
Earning:    USD 4.5 million