Hiring Nasir Ahmad, his trainer, meant that Yuki's budget shot up to 50 lakh from 30 lakh in the 2015 season and adding a coach means that it will be at least Rs 1 crore next year.
"It is not a coincidence that I have remained injury free and playing better. It was a gamble, pooling in resources for a traveling trainer at the end of 2013. But thankfully it paid off," Yuki, who is now ranked 89, told PTI in an interview.
"It took me two years to know how my body functions with the help of a trainer. He helps me in massages, stretches, hydrating, eating right food at right time and gym training. It has made my life easier. Most of credit of my success goes to Nasir. I was doing well when I was traveling without him but injuries were still happening," he added.
Yuki said he now needs to climb further up and to make that progress, he needs to connect with right people. "There's a reason why top players are having a big support staff. Some even have two coaches. At some point I need that experienced person, who can guide me in tournaments and my training. I need someone who has been there, done that. Hopefully, I will have one for next season,” said the tennis player.
"I am there in first round of Australian Open, but how you go from first round to fourth round, you need guidance at that level. You have to make that investment. That's the way to go.
I have spoken a lot to Somdev on how to go about on Tour," added Bhambri.
But how will he fund the expenses of his coach? Asked if he has got some sponsorship, Yuki said, "I have no hopes, literally given up. I don't think about sponsorships anymore. I am focusing on what I can do myself."
A third of the money that Yuki has spent this year has come from the prize money through Australian Open. He also had some money left from Asian Games prize money and a bit
from ONGC, his employer, and Babolot, his racquet sponsor.

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