Islamabad: Suspense continues in Pakistan cricket as the chief patron of the PCB, President Asif Zardari is yet to take a decision on appointing a new chairman of the board with five candidates now under consideration for the post.

The current chairman Ijaz Butt attended the ICC executive board meeting on Monday although his three-year term as chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board expired on October 8.

"Butt is continuing to work because the President is yet to take a decision on who will head the board next. He is working as the chairman with approval of the President," one government official said.

The President is yet to issue any notification on whether Butt would continue or someone in the board would be taking over as the acting chairman until a new chief was appointed.

Under the constitution, the President, in this case Asif Zardari, appoints the chairman of the board in his capacity as chief patron of cricket.

The official confirmed that presently five candidates, including Butt himself are under consideration.

"The President has still not taken any decision and is consulting his aides. But what is confirmed is that former Test captains, Majid Khan and Zaheer Abbas and two bankers, Zaka Ashraf and Ali Reza who are close to the President are under consideration for the post," he said.

The official said that Butt himself was also keen on continuing and was the fifth candidate.

"Butt can be asked to continue for another three-year term. Don't rule him out yet but the others are also strong contenders," he said.

Interestingly, another official claimed that there was plenty of substance to a report in the 'Daily Jang' newspaper that senior Pakistan Peoples Party leader and senior barrister, Aitzaz Ahsan was offered the post of PCB Chairman but he turned it down due to his commitments and engagements in the legal and civil rights field.

"Yes, Aitzaz who has served as law minister and is an avid follower of the game was given the option of working as PCB chairman but he turned it down," the official claimed.

Till now, perhaps Butt have had the toughest tenures among all those who have headed the board.

Butt, a former Test player, has been the target of ridicule and criticism. And even now there is a strong campaign against him with many in the cricket community hoping he does not get another three-year term.