Last week, she was named the "Richest woman in China" with financial assets valued at USD 10 billion and still counting.

The chairman and president of Hunan-based Lens Technology, who says her desire to learn is the secret behind her success, had previously launched 11 failed companies before hitting the dark with her current firm in 2003.

Once a factory worker in Southern Shenzhen city, Zhou (45) has seen life more as a nightmare in her first half. Born in an extreme poverty at a village in a Central Hunan province, Zhou's mother expired when she was just five years old. Soon after, her father met with an industrial accident that turned him almost blind.

In her 20s, when other ladies of her age were pursuing studies, she joined a glass-processing factory as a glass-maker for watches.

"Although our family was poor, I've always had a high level of self-esteem because my father and my grandmother always doted on me," Zhou had said once in her interview to media.

It was her resignation letter after three months of joining that helped her achieve higher position in the factory. Her 'resignation' writing style had inspired her boss who didn't let her go but rose her rank up there.

Her hard-work and dedication let her quickly rose to become the director of the entire manufacturing operation.

Idea of opening her own glass manufacturing company struck her mind in 1993, when she was only 22 years old.

But life has never been so easy for her as she had launched back-to-back 11 failed companies. Though, she didn't lose hope. She even twice sold her house to pay her employees' salary.

To achieve what she has now, she had spent three continuous sleepless nights in her current office. “I was trying to earn trust of my clients,” she said.

Zhou's efforts lately paid off in 2003 with Lens Technology achieving her a revenue of USD 3.3 billion in 2013, according to media reports. Also, her firm now has 80,000 employees.

Now, her company is a touch-screen supplier to big tech giants like Samsung, Apple, to name a few.

Her 'rags-to-riches' story speaks journey of a woman who with her hope, dedication and hard-work achieved heights. More than anything, she is a self-made woman.

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