Mumbai: A Mumbai dietician is telling her clients what they don't expect to hear: you can eat anything. The revolutionary Zig-Zag diet confuses the body by changing the number of calories consumed every day.

Fad diets are dime a dozen but there are some that hold genuine promise. So, all those foodies out there who want to actually eat everything and still lose weight, there's a new diet in sight. Titled the Zig-Zag diet, it has been devised by Santacruz-based personal trainer and nutritionist Samreedhi Goel.

In an attempt to take out the negative spin surrounding diets, Goel's diet is designed to actually ensure you eat more, several times a day.

"All diets, which work on a starvation principle, are depriving your body of necessary nutrition. Even if you do achieve sufficient weight loss, it is hardly sustainable. On top of this, your metabolism rate drops and you're bound to start suffering from low energy levels, hunger pangs and weight gain with a vengeance," insists Goel.

The rules of the game

The Zig-Zag diet does, however, require meals to be consumed at regular timings, with each meal comprising of at least three of the main food groups. Calories are counted and the intake amount is mildly changed every day.

This 'zig-zagging' of calories confuses the body, giving your metabolism a boost over a short period of time and even more so in the long run. Nothing is 'banned' yet everything is controlled in the right manner to ensure overall nutritional health.

Goel recommends exercise alongside the diet but the type of exercise is based on individual motivational levels and what suits the dieter's body.

Summing it up, Goel spells the mantra to achieve an ideal weight ratio: "Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are bound to lead to proportionate weight loss."

PS: You are allowed to gorge on pizzas, burgers and other junk-a-licious goodies, but only in keeping with the rules of Zig-Zag diet recipes.

The basic rules
1.    Cut down on your carbohydrate intake but don't cut it out entirely.
2.    Control your portions.
3.    Zig-zag your calorie intake with every meal.
4.     Don't compromise on your nutrition; it takes precedence over weight loss.