"They're in the changing room with (India) now, to talk to them," Waller said at the post-match press conference after the fifth ODI.
"The best time to learn is now in the change room with the best players in the world, and talking one-on-one when you're not shy talking out in the open. And our guys are quite bad like that,” Waller said.
"They don't go up and ask questions about cricket, and that's how you learn. And I'm hoping we try to change that culture. Hopefully they'll learn something from what they hear from the guys," he added.
Zimbabwe were mauled 0-5 in the series by a team, which did not feature some of its key players including regular skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Waller lauded Kohli for both his leadership as well as fine batting. "You look at someone like Kohli for example," Waller said.
"He doesn't play risky shots. He plays good, simple cricket and he finds the gaps, whereas I think our guys try to improvise more than they should. That's something that we're working really hard at: trying to convince them that that's the way we should be playing cricket," he added.


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