The company in its blog said, “After weeks of building, intensive testing, and rebuilding, our online ordering service – Zomato Order – is finally good to go. This signals our second significant add-on feature, following the rollout of Zomato Cashless earlier this year.”

“Somewhere along the process of testing and rebuilding, and the hundreds of feedback emails we received, we realized we had to make a decision we were trying to put off for as long as possible – unbundling our apps,” the post said.

Working on the principles of 'More focus = less clutter = better UX', the company aims  that having two separate apps allows it to build lightweight apps that get straight to solving the problems faced by users.
For example, tracking Order Status in the Zomato restaurant finder app requires a few taps; on the Order app, it gets its own tab.

Zomato Order is now available for download on the App Store and the Play Store.